Acid-base balance

Balance is the way to well-being

An over-acidification of the organism can easily arise with the diet and lifestyle common today. That is why many people suffer from an acid-base imbalance. Many of those affected do not even suspect that an over-acidification could be the cause or trigger for their complaints. If you feel drained, tired and listless, this can be the clear indication of an over-acidification of the body.

The body "in" balance

The proportion of acids and bases in our body must be balanced. A predominantly neutral or even slightly basic environment prevails in our organism, but acids are essential for a few specific functions. For example, acid is required for the digestive processes in the stomach, and the skin needs an acidic environment to be able to protect itself against external germs.

The body "out of" balance

The body has balancing mechanisms in order to control the sensitive balance of acids and bases in the body tissue and maintain the balance. These sensitive mechanisms in the metabolism can become unbalanced through absorption of too many acids from nutrition and environment.

innova Balance® supports the natural balance of your acid-base balance through basic mineral salts and trace elements. In addition to a well-balanced, healthy diet, for instance, Innova Balance® is recommended with the following symptoms:


  • Fatigue
  • Feeling of stress
  • Nervousness
  • Imbalance
  • States of anxiety
  • Lower resilience
  • Lacking elasticity of skin and connective tissue
  • Muscle and joint discomfort (e.g. caused by intensive athletic activity)




Author: Dr. med. Hellmut Münch
Niedergelassener Arzt in Unterwössen, Leiter der Enzymforschungsgesellschaft, Referent und Buchautor. Infos: