The value of enzymes

Enzymes at a glance:

  • They are part of every metabolic process (biocatalysts)
  • They play important role in healing inflammations and injuries
  • They support, stabilise, regulate and balance the immune system
  • They improve blood circulation
  • They reduce pain and swelling
  • They provide a natural anti-aging effect
  • Our products contain well-known enzymes such as papain, bromelain, lysozyme, trypsin and chymotrypsin

The value of enzymes for the human organism

Enzymes are biological catalysts which play a significant role in almost every reaction in the human body. They regulate metabolic processes and make life in today's form possible. Cellular reactions which would take minutes or hours without the enzyme's catalytic effect happen in mere seconds or minutes when enzymes are involved.

Enzymes are also very important for all processes in the human immune system. When the body has to ward off threats to the immune system, enzymes play a vital part.

Normally the body produces enzymes itself (in the form of protein). However, from the age of 30 on, that production gets considerably lower. An unhealthy lifestyle, deficiencies in vital substances or excessive smoking might even worsen a possible enzyme deficiency.

An enzyme therapy can help to compensate enzyme deficiencies, to activate individual components of the immune system and to maintain an intact cellular metabolism.

Especially patients with rheumatic pain or diet-related deficiencies might benefit from a substitution of enzymes since they boost the metabolism and immune system and help to normalize physiologic reactions.