innova® beauty package

Highly effective combination of vitamin A, vitamin E + selenium and innova Balance powder

€85.18* €98.00* (13.08% saved)
innova® fitness package

Highly effective combination of enzymes, zinc, vitamin C and a vital substance complex to balance the acid-base balance.

€65.56* €74.92* (12.49% saved)
innova® immune protection package

Boost your immune system and arm it for the current demands.

€63.62* €71.69* (11.26% saved)
innovamulsin® package

The power team for active cell protection, cell regeneration and for natural support of skin, hair and nails

€96.65* €111.50* (13.32% saved)
innovazym® LOCAL

Skin cream for dry and stressed skin.

€9.00* €14.99* (39.96% saved)