Simple and effective: The daily spray for your immune system

The multi-talent lysozyme – active immune protection as a mouth spray – directly where the pathogens attack.

innovaspray® IMMUN

Delivers lysozyme directly to the mucous membrane!

It is our aim to develop high-quality nutritional supplements to support the immune system in its function. With the innovaSpray® product line, we use a mouth spray as the way of administration to achieve our goal of effectively strengthening the organism with bioactive vitamins, minerals and the body’s own enzymes for everyday life when the immune system is under stress, e.g. in the damp and cold season or when doing physical exercise.

innovaspray® IMMUN Banana
€17.15* €21.44* (20.01% saved)
innovaspray® IMMUN Peppermint

Natural support for the immune system in its function during the cold season with a fresh peppermint flavour

  • The daily spray for your immune system

    Easy and safe to take/use.
    Easy to use anywhere -
    practical for when you are out and about.
    Mouth spray -
    rapid distribution in the mouth/throat area
    Pleasant taste
    High activity and good bioavailability

  • The innova®
    immune protection package

    Boost your immune system

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    fitness package

    Fit in everyday life for a lower price

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    beauty package

    For healthy skin, hair and nails

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    mulsin package

    The power team for active cell protection

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