Simply feel good!

Simply feel good!

An active immune system for a better quality of life. In order to keep the body healthy and functioning efficiently, a well-functioning immune system and a perfect natural resistance are extremely important. Enzymes help us effectively with our immune defence.

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Regulation - Protection - Activation

This is what drives us: Our InnovaVital Mission Statement

For us, people’s health and well-being are always the focus of our work. We develop natural and effective combinations for holistic support of the immune system. The circle of arrows of InnovaVital GmbH stands for exactly that: individual regulatory elements which, when used together, result in the “all round” solution.

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Discover our accompaniments for more quality of life

  • innovazym

    innovazym® - The full power of enzymes for your immune system

  • innovabalance

    innovabalance® - The extra for all active sportspeople

  • innovamulsin

    innovamulsin® - The vitamin concentrate for your immune system

  • innovaimmun

    innovaimmun® - The daily extra for your well-being

  • innovaspray® IMMUN - Natural support in the common cold season

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innovabalance® - Chewable Tablets

Supports the balance of the acid-base balance and is practical for on the go

innovabalance® - Drink

To support the natural balance of the acid-base balance

innovaimmun® C

Supports the immune system especially during the cold season

innovaimmun® Ω

To maintain normal heart and brain function, as well as to support vision

innovamulsin® Vitamin A

Helps to maintain healthy skin and good vision

innovamulsin® Vitamin D3

Helps maintain bone health and muscle function

innovamulsin® Vitamin D3 + K2

Contributes to the maintenance of bones and supports the growth and development of bones in children

innovamulsin® Vitamin E+Selenium

Helps protect against oxidative stress and maintain hair and nails

innovaspray® IMMUN Banana
€17.15* €21.44* (20.01% saved)
innovaspray® IMMUN Peppermint

Natural support for the immune system in its function during the cold season with a fresh peppermint flavour


For medium term support of the immune system

innovazym® CA

Prevention and support for your immune system

innovazym® DENT

Dental care chewing gum with lysozyme and xylitol

innovazym® LOCAL

Skin cream for dry and stressed skin.

innovazym® LOCAL

Skin cream for dry and stressed skin.

innovazym® PLUS

Offers support in cases of deficiencies, e.g.: chronic problems.

innovazym® PURE (1-week package)

Strengthens the immune system after intense physical activity

innovazym® PURE (2-week package)

Strengthens the immune system after intense physical activity


Your Health. Our Promise.

Committed to helping people, the focus is on maintaining and optimising health.

Our processes: A new standard of enzyme preparations

Research and Development

InnovaVital works closely with the Medical Enzyme Research Society (MEF e.V.) to develop state-of-the-art products to holi­stically support the body's immune system. After all, progress can only be achieved through science.


Our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards (IFS certification). We produce in Germany with the most select raw materials. We are very committed to using natural raw materials in the form that is best absorbed by the body.