Balance in sport

Sport – recreational sports, mass sports and competitive sports – is a mass phenomenon and very closely linked with health. Many people engage in sports because it is fun, others because it is healthy. Sport is also applied as a means of therapy, because sport and athletic training – when properly applied – lead to improved resilience and efficiency of the human organism. 
Food supplies acids as well as bases through digestive and metabolic processes. Lactic acid (lactate) – which increases the acid content of somatic cells – is formed in the muscles during physical exertions, especially with endurance sports which lie in the anaerobic range. 
In addition, the organism loses important "basic-acting" nutrients such as minerals and water via sweat during increased physical activity. Among other things, this results in an over-acidification of muscles, whereby the efficiency and regenerative capacity is restricted. 
The endurance capacity can be improved and the regeneration phase can be shortened by compensating the water and mineral losses already during and after exertion through suitable beverages (e.g. mineral waters rich in minerals and low in carbonic acid with a high content of hydrogen carbonate: at least 400 mg of sodium/litre and "basic-acting" sports drinks).

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