The power of lysozyme for your immune system

Enzymes have an impact on immune regulation, cell regeneration and tissue action. Lysozyme is part of the body’s own non-specific immune system and it helps to fight off pathogens which come from outside.

Produced in Germany


A powerful and effective blend: the unique enzyme combination with lysozyme-bromelain-papain.

The best of two natural areas to support the immune system: enzymes and micro-nutrients. Enzymes can: Restore balance Support the body’s own processes Stabilise the body in a preventative way

innovazym® is a product range that is manufactured according to the highest quality standards (IFS certification). We produce for you in Germany with the best and most select raw materials. It is of great importance to us to only use natural raw materials in the form that is best absorbed by the body.

  • A greater sense of well-being in everyday life

  • Less susceptible to infections

  • Supports the immune system

  • Produced in Germany

innovazym® LOCAL

Skin cream for dry and stressed skin.

innovazym® CA

Prevention and support for your immune system

innovazym® PLUS

Offers support in cases of deficiencies, e.g.: chronic problems.

innovazym® LOCAL - 80g tube

Skin cream for dry and stressed skin.

innovazym® PURE (2-week package)

Strengthens the immune system after intense physical activity

innovazym® PURE (1-week package)

Strengthens the immune system after intense physical activity

innovazym® DENT

Dental care chewing gum with lysozyme and xylitol


For medium term support of the immune system

Application areas

Our very special enzyme - lysozyme

Innovazym has a particularly high content of the antibacterial enzyme lysozyme. Lysozyme is an enzyme that can break down the cell walls of bacteria. Lysozyme comes from Iysis = to dissolve and zym because it is an enzyme.

Lysozyme takes effect even before the bacteria can permeate the organism. For example, it is contained in tear fluid and, in this way, protects our eyes.

Lysozyme is found in particularly high concentrations in the whites of chicken eggs and for this reason we extract it from chicken eggs.

  • Enzymes – our very own versatile toolbox

    Enzymes are biological catalysts which play a key role in almost all reactions in the human body. They ensure that all metabolic processes take place in a regulated manner and enable life in its current form.

  • How enzymes help us heal

    Enzymes play an important role in cases of inflammation or when we injure ourselves.

  • Enzymes are nature’s own anti-ageing agent

    Enzymes improve our blood circulation, help to reduce pain and swelling and are a natural anti-ageing agent.

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