Antioxidants – essential part of an optimal diet for the joints

The vitamins contained in innovazym® boost the body's immune system and therefore help to neutralise free radicals which are produced by the body during different chemical reactions and which have an unfavourable influence on cell structures (e.g. joints). These vitamins (C, E) are "consumed" in the process and therefore have to be regularly taken in with food. In particular, secondary plant compounds from blueberries or grapes are beneficial. They do not belong to the vitamins but their antioxidant effect is a valuable support.

What are free radicals

Free radicals are very reactive particles which in excessive numbers can react with cell structures (such as joints and cartilages) and damage them.

Antioxidants are radical catchers

Vitamin C, E as well as selenium and secondary plant compounds (e.g. from grapes, lemons and blueberries) are natural opponents of free radicals. They neutralise free radicals. A part of them is consumed in the progress and therefore has to be supplied to the body.