That is InnovaVital

Innovative food supplements for your well-being

InnovaVital GmbH stands for the development of new innovative products for the holistic support of the immune system. Product developments that represent well thought-out alternatives to the traditional are e.g.

  • modern enzyme combinations (e.g. with papain, bromelain, trypsin, chymotrypsin and especially lysozyme) with vitamins, nutrients, bioflavonoids, Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen the immune system. In the form of tablets, cream and chewing gum.
  • Enzymes in liquid form as a spray
  • A blend of nutrients (minerals and trace elements) for more equilibrium in the acid-base balance.
  • Immune-strengthening micronutrients
  • Liquid vitamin concentrates for a balanced vitamin household

Special attention is paid to bio-availability and naturalness. The idea is to combine enzyme therapy with orthomolecular medicine to achieve the best synergetic effect to support the immune system in everyday life and in stress situations for the body. The circle of arrows of InnovaVital GmbH stands for individual regulatory elements which, when used optimally, produce the “all round” solution.

Alternatives to the traditional

Our innovations for your immune system

We, InnovaVital GmbH, are located in Grassau, in the beautiful Chiemgau region of Upper Bavaria. As a company, we have fully committed ourselves to the development of high-quality enzyme and vitamin preparations with a focus on natural ingredients. For this reason, we also work closely with the Medical Enzyme Research Society (MEF e.V.) managed by Dr. Hellmut Münch, in order to be able to develop products at the cutting edge of science. Products for the holistic support of the body’s own immune system. We are committed to helping people and focus on maintaining and optimising health. In order to keep the body efficient and healthy, a well-functioning immune system and a perfect defence are extremely important.

Starting with the enzyme product range “innovazym®”, enzyme preparations with micronutrients to support the immune system; and from “innovamulsin®”, special high-dose vitamin emulsions that are absorbed lymphatically and therefore have the highest rate of bioavailability; products for the acid-base balance; through to micronutrient preparations with important trace elements. High-quality combinations of active ingredients for health and well-being. In addition to a generally healthy lifestyle, these preparations in the form of enzymes and vitamins are recommended as a well-considered supplement.

  • Our headquarters: Research & Development, Administration, Marketing

  • View of Grassau

  • Close by: The Hochfelln

Innovative right from the start

Karl Ransberger, the inventor of industrially produced enzyme preparations, founded the Medical Enzyme Research Society (MEF e.V.), based in Grassau, in the 1950s. In 2001, the founder of InnovaVital GmbH, Dr Hellmut Münch, took over management of the scientific association from his mentor. Dr Münch has continued Karl Ransberger’s pioneering work focusing on the needs of the modern age.

Innovative through research

InnovaVital GmbH works closely with various research institutions. In addition to the Medical Enzyme Research Society, we work with other scientifically renowned institutes of various national and international clinics and universities (e.g. Grote Schuur Clinic - Cape Town, Mayo Clinic - Rochester).

Innovation for the future

InnovaVital GmbH is managed by experienced doctors and business people. Together we ensure that innovative ideas lead to product developments which provide well thought-out alternatives to the traditional.n.

Our philosophy

Enyzme power in the management team

Hellmut Münch has been dedicated to enzyme therapy for more than 30 years. Together with his wife Maja Münch, a graduate engineer in food technology, high-quality products are created on the basis of this research and experience. With a lot of heart and soul, the joint vision of ‘helping people’ was realised in 2009 when they moved into their own company building. And the dream keeps developing. Because research never ends!

Enzymes function according to the lock-and-key principle, which means that if the right substrate is not available, the enzyme cannot become active. This is also the case at InnovaVital - no knowledge means no development and vice versa.

Our innovation milestones



A modern combination of enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, bioflavonoids, Q 10 and omega-3 fatty acids (innovazym® PLUS) for strengthening the immune system and for inflammatory diseases.



A blend of nutrients (minerals and trace elements) for more equilibrium in the acid-base balance.



Available as vitamin A and vitamin D3 emulsions. These liquid vitamin concentrates contribute with 1-2 drops a day to a balanced vitamin D3 and vitamin A household.


innovazym® PURE

The sensible combination of enzymes with vitamin C and zinc for acute inflammations. Easy to take due to small, easy-to-swallow tablets.


innovabalance® Chewable Tablets

A blend of nutrients (minerals and trace elements) for more equilibrium in the acid-base balance. No added sugar, practical for when you are out and about.


innovazym® CA

The enzyme preparation of papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin combined with selenium to support the immune system in its normal function.


innovaimmun® C

The best of the acerola cherry with vitamin C and zinc to contribute to the normal function of the immune system, e.g. during the season of the common cold.


innovamulsin® E + selenium and D3 + K2

Available as vitamin E + selenium and vitamin D3 + K2 emulsions.


innovaspray® IMMUN

Effective viral prophylactic as an oral spray with bioaktive Vitamines, minerals and the body's own enzymes.


innovazym® LOCAL

For dry and stressed skin


innovazym® DENT

Dental care chewing gum with lysozyme and xylitol