innovazym® – Effective with your loyal animal companions.

A famous phrase says "a man's best friend" - it doesn't matter whether that refers to a cat, a dog or a horse. The well-being of our animal companions is important to us. Unfortunately, some diseases (e.g. arthrosis, tendinitis or conjunctivitis) which affect humans also affect animals. The healing processes are often tedious, especially if the musculoskeletal system is involved, and entail a lot of discomfort for the animals such as complete immobility or limited mobility.

To help the animals heal as fast as possible many veterinarians and alternative practitioners already count on homeopathy and other naturopathic measures. An enzyme therapy is another therapy option in this field, especially for diseases which are based on inflammatory processes. Also in these cases, innovazym® can support the veterinary measures with its natural helpers (enzymes, vitamins, vital substances). A big advantage comes from the physiology of the animals – they can absorb (resorb) enzymes much better than humans. This means that the dose is only one-third of the dose applied with humans.

Horse: Our tip for you and your animal companions: In case of inflammatory diseases put 2-3 tablets innovazym® (2-week package) in a small apple piece (for horses) or spread some liver paste on them (for dogs) and apply daily for the duration of the disease.

If you have questions our team is happy to answer them!