To support the immune system 

In cases of:
  • chronic inflammations (e.g. rheumatism, arthritis,
  • MS) permanent drug use
  • healing processes
  • to support and boost the immune systems
innovazym PLUS combination developed in nutrition medicine containing highly dosed: enzymes, vitamins, vital substances, Q10 and bioflavonoids PLUS omega-3 fatty acids.
More vitality and energy/less fatigue
Improve wound healing Strengthen my brain and heart function
Support before and after medical intervention
Products for chronic complaints
Improve wound healing Strengthen my brain and heart function
Support my immune system
Active cell protection
More energy for body and mind
Products for more quality of life - "Better Aging"
More mobility for my joints
per 100 g per daily ration
7 Tabs =
7175 mg
Calorific value in kJ 920,8 per 100 g 64,5 per daily ration 0,8 %NRV*
Calorific value in kcal 220,7 per 100 g
15,5 per daily ration 0,8 %NRV*
Fat in g
thereof saturated fatty acids in g
1,6 per 100 g
1,5 per 100 g
0,11 per daily ration
0,10 per daily ration
0,2 %NRV*
0,5 %NRV*
Carbohydrates in in g
thereof sugar in g
thereof polyhydric alcohols in g
43,9 per 100 g
2,4 per 100 g
34,8 per 100 g
3,1 per daily ration
0,17 per daily ration
2,4 per daily ration
1,2 %NRV*
0,2 %NRV*
** %NRV*
Protein in g 3,1 per 100 g 0,21 per daily ration 0,4 %NRV*
Salt in g 0 per 100 g < 0,01 per daily ration < 0,01 %NRV*

* Percentage of reference amount acc. to XIII der LMIV (EG) No. 1169/2011
** No recommendation available

Ingredients of omega-3 capsules

per 100 g per daily ration
7 capsules =
4,85 g
Calorific value in kJ 3013,8 per 100 g 146,3 per daily ration
Calorific value in kcal 730,7 per 100 g
35,7 per daily ration
Fat in g
thereof saturated fatty acids in g
thereof monounsaturated fatty acids in g
thereof polyunsaturated fatty acids in g
72,2 per 100 g
18,8 per 100 g
16,3 per 100 g
29,4 per 100 g
3,5 per daily ration
0,91 per daily ration
0,79 per 100 g
1,43 per 100 g
Omega-3 fatty acids in mg
thereof EPA* in mg
thereof DHA ** in mg
21645 per 100 g
12987 per 100 g
8658 per 100 g
1050 per daily ration
630 per daily ration
420 per 100 g
Carbohydrates in g
thereof sugar in g
7,2 per 100 g
0,0 per 100 g
0,35 per daily ration
0,0 per daily ration
Salt in g 0,3 per 100 g 0,01 per daily ration

* EPA = eicosapentaenoic acids = essential fatty acids
** DHA = docosahexaenoic acids = essential fatty acids
  • innovazym® PLUS does not contain milk protein, lactose, artificial colouring agents, gluten, heavy metals or iodine
  • micronutrient tablets protected against gastric acids (can be broken at score line)
  • produced in Germany
Filling agents: isomalt and microcrystalline cellulose, L ascorbic acid, filling agent: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, grape seed extract, maltodextrin, magnesium oxide, citrus extract, papain, pineapple fruit powder, bromelain, D alpha tocopherol acetate, blueberry fruit powder, zinc citrate, lysozyme hydrochloride (from chicken eggs), coenzyme Q10, parting agents: stearic acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium salts from fatty acids, mono and diglycerides from fatty acids and talcum, polyfructose, stabilizer: gum arabic, retinyl acetate, vegetable oil (from elaeis guineensis L. and cocos nucifera L.), pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, beta carotene, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, sodium selenate, cyanocobalamin. May have a laxative effect if taken excessively.


Ingredients of omega-3 capsules

Fish oil (72,2%),gelatine, wetting agent glycerine, water, antioxidant: extracts with a high concentration of tocopherol
Recommendation for use
Take 7 micronutrient tablets and 7 omega-3 fatty acid capsules throughout the day 1 hour before meals on an empty stomach or 3 hours after meals with enough cold liquid.
Our tip:
3 tablets + 3 capsules in the morning
4 tablets + 4 capsules in the evening .

innovazym® supports your immune system in many tasks

Staying fit and active into old age – who would not want that? However, the present time puts a lot of strain on us which negatively affects our immune system and our cells. Whether it is professional stress, unhealthy food, smoking or the hectic of everyday life – the signs of stress can often be seen by accelerated aging. In this case, enzymes can support the body's repairing mechanisms, the cells regenerate faster, the immune system is activated and the metabolism is more effective. They also act as free radical catchers in the body. This increases resilience, inner well-being and the external aging process can be slowed down. The skin gets better since the formation of wrinkles is delayed, the skin's elasticity is increased and the complexion is fresher. Optimal is a combined intake of enzymes with micronutrients which are also called coenzymes (vitamins, vital substances, minerals) and necessary for the enzyme's efficacy.

Powerfrau dank Lysozym

Full enzyme power in FIP

The effectiveness and potency of an enzyme product is measured according to the units of enzymatic activity. Internationally, the units defined by the Féderation Internationale Pharmaceutique (F.I.P.) are widely accepted.

FIP units per daily dose (7 tablets) for innovazym® pure, innovazym® and innovazym® PLUS:

  • Lysozym 30 mg: 1.051.050 FIP
  • Papain 300 mg: 1.113 FIP
  • Bromelain 120 mg: 720 FIP

Measured in FIP units, innovazym® is the highest dosed enzyme preparation on the German market.

Total FIP activity:

(more than 1 million highest FIP activity)

The concentrated enzyme and vitamin power

Enzyme in mg per 100 g per daily ration
7 Tabs =
7175 mg
Bromelain 1680,0 per 100 g 120,0 per daily ration ** %NRV*
Papain 4200,0 per 100 g 300,0 per daily ration ** %NRV*
Lysozym 420,0 per 100 g
30,0 per daily ration ** %NRV*
Coenzyme Q10 in mg 418,1 per 100 g 30 per daily ration ** %NRV*
Secondary plant compounds in mg 6967,8 per 100 g 500 per daily ration ** %NRV*
Magnesium in mg 2787,3 per 100 g 200 per daily ration 53 %NRV*
Zinc in mg 139,4 per 100 g 10 per daily ration 100 %NRV*
Selenium in µg 1393,8 per 100 g 100 per daily ration 182 %NRV*
Vitamin B1 in mg 41,9 per 100 g 3 per daily ration 273 %NRV*
Vitamin B2 in mg 41,9 per 100 g 3 per daily ration 214 %NRV*
Vitamin B6 in mg 83,1 per 100 g 6 per daily ration 429 %NRV*
Vitamin B12 in µg 125,5 per 100 g 9 per daily ration 360 %NRV*
Folic acid in µg 8362,3 per 100 g 600 per daily ration 300 %NRV*
Vitamin C in mg 8362,3 per 100 g 600 per daily ration 750 %NRV*
Vitamin E in mg 836,2 per 100 g 60 per daily ration 500 %NRV*
Vitamin A as RE in µg
Provitamin A as RE in µg
13941,5 per 100 g
4650,4 per 100 g
1000 per daily ration
333,7 per daily ration
167 %NRV*

* Percentage of reference value acc. to annex XIII of LMIV (EG) No. 1169/2011
** No recommendation available

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